The Knife Salesman


A frustrated house wife invites a traveling knife salesman into her home. Tensions rise as he goes to work sharpening her dull blades.

In a small nook of heat-drenched coastal Australia, a traveling Knife Salesman, Tom, visits upon Mary, a frustrated house wife. As blades grind on stone, tensions build as Mary’s two boisterous children observe Tom and Mary playing out their all too familiar roles. 

Directors – Jamie Helmer and Michael Leonard

Writer – Michael Leonard

Producer – Michael Leonard

Cast – Syd Brisbane Dana Miltins

Director of Photography – Giovanni Lorusso

Production Design – Jamie Helmer

Editor – Greg Cooper

Sound Design – Sean Crowley

Sound Composition  – Sean Crowley Jessie L. Warren




The consciousness of a man who killed himself decades ago, lingers in the house of a couple whose relationship is falling apart.

A man and a woman in the dying throes of a long-term relationship move into a house where years ago, a lonely man took his own life. The consciousness of the dead man lingers in the couple's home. As he watches their relationship fall apart, he is drawn closer to the woman, feeling a kinship with her sadness. The woman becomes increasingly unsettled by his presence within her home and encounters violence and chaos in an abrasive outside world.


Director  – Jamie Helmer

Writer – Jamie Helmer

Producer – Michael Leonard

Cast – Nick Pelomis Dana Miltins

Director of Photography – Ryan Alexander Lloyd

Production Design  – Rennie Watson

Editor – Greg Cooper

Sound Design – Sean Crowley

Sound Composition  – Jessie L. Warren Rohan Cooper